Lunchtime: arrive

Afternoon in Assisi including Mass

The trip to Assisi, a town that lies in the Umbria region of central Italy, entails visiting the Basilica and Tomb of St. Francis, where this venerated saint was laid to rest. Assisi is also the birthplace of St. Francis, who write me an essay online founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1210.

It was also the birthplace of St. Francis, who with St. Clare, founded the Poor Sisters, which later became the Order of Poor Clares after her death. The 19th Century Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was also born in Assisi, making this one of the most important European sites for Catholics.

The Basilica is also one of the most important places of Christian pilgrimage in Italy. With its accompanying friary, Sacro Convento, it is a distinctive and memorable landmark to all those who approach Assisi. Named a UNESCO world heritage site since 2000, it is one of the most impressive basilicas in the whole of Italy.

Late afternoon travel to Casalino
Settling in
7pm Dinner
8pm Introductory talk

8.15 Meditation
This meditation will be about the reason for our existence. Why did God create us, and what is his plan for us? This will provide an opportunity also for individual reflection about our place in God’s Kingdom and what he wants for us.

As much of our spiritual struggle is often caused by questioning our purpose and the point of life itself, trying to find a living answer in the word of God enables us to be free and have confidence in the future.

8.45 Examination of conscience
For many people the examination of conscience is about dealing with feelings write my essay of guilt in the face of all the things we have done wrong. In reality examination of conscience is a reflection on where we think we have found God in our day-to-day life and how these experiences might be used in order to help us grow in our intimacy with him. Everyone does bad things from time to time, things that are beneath us, but the concentration is upon moving forward from this point and becoming more the person God wants you to be.