Thursday & Friday

8am Meditation
8.30 Breakfast
10am Spiritual Reading

The Spiritual Reading will be a time for us to learn from the writings of the saints in a group environment. The reading will be practical advice from those Christians who have gone before us and helped lay the pathway for our own lives through their learning and actions.

It will be on the subject of how to live a full and Christian life in the midst of our ordinary day-to-day activities, giving us real and practical spiritual advice that we can embody and use once we return to our regular lives.

10.30 Meditation

Prayer is time spent in intimate dialogue with God. This is absolutely vital for a human being as being in a relationship with God is part of our make-up. We enjoy this in its fullness in heaven for all eternity. And yet so many people find it very difficult to find the time to pray.

Some feel that they just don’t know how to do it, and some people feel that they struggle with distractions, while others simply don’t know what to pray about. During this retreat there will be times of prayer or meditation, which will be led by Father Michael. These will be times of dialogue with God when you will be helped through your prayers and guided by thoughts and teachings shared with us by the retreat director.

11.00 Coffee
11.30 Rosary
12.00 Mass - Celebrated in the Extraordinary Form
13.00 Lunch
14.00-17.00 Free time (Priest available for chat/confession)

We cannot live our Christian lives alone. By our very nature, as Christians we belong to the Church. This is the community of all those who share with us in our divine life as brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

Part of this is the fact that we all need help to live out our Christian vocation, firstly through the divine help from the sacraments and through prayer, but also through human help, from our brothers and sisters to help keep us on the right path and to help us advance.

Part of the nature of this retreat is that there we will be opportunity, if you wish, to speak personally and confidentially with a priest about how things are going in your spiritual life. There will be many opportunities to go to the beautiful sacrament of Confession during these days. There will also be chance to simply talk with Father Michael in order to gain a bit more clarity, and most importantly a sense of peace, regarding what God is doing in your life and how you can build your relationship with him

17.30 Meditation
18.00 Dinner
8pm Adoration (Confession available)
9pm Examination of Conscience


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