Saturday & Sunday

Trip to La Verna including Mass and Stations of the Cross

On the penultimate day we take a trip to the picturesque Franciscan monastery of La Verna, one of the most famous and important sites of worship in Italy. Travelling by foot across the beautiful Tuscan countryside, the journey takes roughly one and a half hours, allowing you to become acquainted with the natural surroundings.

The Sanctuary of La Verna is where St. Francis received the Stigmata. It is composed of a number of buildings including the famous Chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Chapel of the Stigmata and the Basilica Major. Here you will virtually walk in the footsteps of St. Francis, in a place that’s been used for prayer and worship for over 800 years.

Set in a beautiful Spruce-Beech forest this is an area that strikes a contrast between man-made creation and the raw, untamed power of nature. During this visit there will be a chance to celebrate Mass in these beautiful and awesome surroundings.


7pm Dinner
8pm Adoration including meditation
9pm Examination of Conscience


7.30am Mass
8am Breakfast


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