Is modern life getting in the way of your worship?

Are you struggling to find your connection with God through the distractions of modern life?

Do you have trouble understanding how the Word of God is still true in today’s society?

The Catholic Retreat won’t simply give you all the answers. What it will give you is a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where you can be alone with your thoughts. By staying in the beautiful farmhouse at Casalino and taking part in an off-grid lifestyle, you’ll have time to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the everyday and wonder at the Divine creation. Taking place over five-days, you’ll take part in Catholic worship and readings of important Scripture, as well as having the opportunity to attend Confession and have time alone with Father Michael, should you wish to.

Outstanding Beauty

Beyond simple worship, the Catholic Retreat takes place in one of the outstanding areas of natural beauty in Tuscany. Delve into the beautiful woodland surroundings and find relaxation in the peaceful solitude. With so much fresh air and tranquillity on offer, this is the perfect place to take some time away from our often monotonous, fast paced lifestyles.


A Secluded Destination

The Catholic Retreat will take place at Casalino, a beautiful farmhouse set in one of the most picturesque regions of Tuscany. Here you’ll experience an off -grid lifestyle: simple and rustic. There are facilities to camp in the grounds and in dormitories throughout the site. Cooking is an integral feature of the retreat: which is a predominantly communal living experience.